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County wants unknown persons demolishing government property investigated

KNA     The Kisii County Executive for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperative Development, Esman Onsarigo has asked the police to investigate an incident where unknown individuals demolished a perimeter fence that was under construction at Kisii Veterinary Laboratory.

Addressing the press at the facility located on the outskirts of Kisii town, Onsarigo said the county had plans to develop the facility to a Regional Center for higher levels of animal disease analysis and therefore felt the need to fence the facility.

However, he noted that the fence which was about 95 percent complete was destroyed on the previous night by unknown people despite the area being a government property that is hosting a veterinary clinic, Directorate of Veterinary Services and government houses.  

“A number of people came here at 11am in the morning Monday and found our security and then dispersed. They regrouped and came back at night where they damaged the entire wall that had been raised up by the contractors,” narrated Onsarigo.

He asked the private developer claiming that the area belongs to him to present his dispute in court so that the issue is resolved, since the county government had not received any complaint about the ownership of the property.

“If the court says that this is his property, then we will leave it. There is no need of him doing all this damage,” Onsarigo added.

He said that the county’s vision of developing the facility is to assist farmers to perform disease analysis in the region instead of traveling to far places such as Kabete or Kericho.

In addition, Onsarigo affirmed that the Regional Center will create job opportunities for the residents, treat several animal diseases in the region and become a center that will serve neighbouring counties of Nyamira, Migori, Narok and Kisumu counties



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