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County undertaking registration of unemployed youths

Kirinyaga county government is taking data on the particulars of idle youth in the county to facilitate prospect of their employability.

The activity according to the deputy governor Peter Ndambiri is being carried out by the department of sports and culture that has been instructed to ensure they leave no one out in the programme.

“The data, he said, will enable the county to plan and place the youths whenever job opportunities arise.

Ndambiri said for ease of registration, those who may not have given their names can forward them to their ward administrators, who will in turn hand over the names to the department.

“We have managed to reduce the rate of unemployment by 50 per cent and we intend to increase the number before the expiry of our five-year term, and it is possible,” he said.

The officials speaking to the youths at Mwea ACK church hall Monday advised the local musicians and other artists to form groups if they were to be considered for support by the county government.

He said the county government is willing to support talents but can only do so to groups and not individual persons.

“There has to be an organized manner of how various youth groups could be funded and therefore the need for the groups to register with county social services department,” he said.

“That is why I urged you to quickly get in touch with our culture and social services department to enable us to incorporate your need in the county planning.

Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndambiri address the media outside Mwea ACK hall

He said unlike in the past where parents discouraged some development of talent as in music and dancing, the gift if well-natured could provide much-needed employment to the youths.

The official said the county government has great plans for the youths including providing employment for them during the upgrade of the county roads.

“Already we have said we will not be giving tenders for the work but we are going to use our very young men so that they can earn from the work,” he said

He said some of the money the youths will have earned would be used in putting up the low-cost housing project as a sustainable venture for them.


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