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County procures a tractor to boost agriculture extension in Malaba South Ward

The County Government of Busia through the Ward Development Projects, has procured a tractor to augment farming in Malaba South Ward to facilitate the realization of the Big Four Agenda in Teso North Sub County.

Speaking during the launch of the tractor at Kiriko ACK church, Agriculture Executive, Dr Moses Osia said the purchase of the tractor was in line with the Governor, Sospeter Ojaamong’s desire to mechanize farming activities in the county to promote large scale production.

“Our target is to purchase three Tractors per ward, this will enable farmers to prepare their farms early enough and we want to reduce the cost of farm production. Though we have begun with one per county,” said Osia.

At the beginning of his second term in Office, Governor Sospeter Ojaamong launched seven tractors worth over Sh 45 million saying the machines will be immediately dispatched to work for the farmers in the seven sub counties of Teso North, Teso South, Matayos, Bunyala, Nambale, Butula and Samia.

Mechanized agriculture has gone a long way in boosting food security in Busia County and reducing the high poverty level that originally stood at 68 per cent to 50 per cent.

“In the next one month we shall be able to plough 400 acres of land in the ward. The demand for tractors is too high and that is why the county government of Busia is putting efforts to repair and maintain the current 14 tractors excluding the seven procured through Ward Development Projects,” said Osia.

CEC Agriculture Dr. Osia during the launch of a tractor for Malaba South Ward in Teso North Sub County

Farmers will be charged a fee of Sh2,000 per acre which is a subsidized rate compared to privately owned tractors which charge between Ksh3,500 to Ksh.4,000 per acre. The county will remain committed to ensuring farmers prepare their land early in readiness for the planting season.

“I urge residents to utilize ward tractors and till their farms. Other MCAs should follow suit by budgeting to procure tractors, that is the best way to enable farmers to access tractors,” he said.

“We intend to have at least one tractor in each of the 35 wards in the county,” said the governor, adding that the County government has budgeted to provide farm inputs to a total of 107 identified farmers per ward.

This will help increase the amount of land that is put under cultivation from the current 40 to 80 per cent.

The CECM also urged farmers to make use of these small rains to prepare their farms and hopefully when the weather improves again, do what we call dry planting.

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