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County Government urged to embrace scholarship instead of bursaries

The Equity Bank Chief Executive Officer Dr. James Mwangi has urged governors to embrace scholarship instead of bursaries with a view to ensure that the students stay in school for the required time.

Speaking during the launch of the Wings to Fly scholarship at Mundika Secondary School on Thursday, Mwangi said that bursaries are not sufficient.

“Let’s not aim at winning a political game by saying that we supported 10,000 students and yet we supported each with Sh2,000, that is pocket money and not school fees,” he said.

The Equity Bank Chief Executive Officer Dr. James Mwangi addressing the 538 beneficiaries of scholarship at Mundika Secondary School // Photo by Salome Alwanda

He argued that bursaries make students lose their esteem and pride because they go to school without the necessary school requirements exposing them to ridicule by other students.

“Instead of assisting 10,000, let us send 500 whom we know will be leaders of their generation,” he said, adding that there is a need to provide for their uniforms, transport, and pocket money.

The official disclosed that 90% of all Equity scholars have managed to reach university admission because they are provided with all the requirements.

Mwangi further stated that the foundation has given scholarships to a total of 19,000 students with 15,000 having completed their secondary school education.

“But every day I worry about the 10% who do not make it to the University because it means they lose their opportunity of self-transformation,” he said, adding that research has revealed that those who fail after getting the scholarship do not have visions in their lives.

He urged the beneficiaries to know their vision for applying for the scholarship so that they can achieve their objectives in the long run.

“We have also come to realize that those who fail to lead themselves look outwardly for leadership are the ones who fail in scholarship,” he said, urging the beneficiaries to lead themselves so that they are not misled by peer pressure.

The CEO at the same time urged the beneficiaries to have values to shape their personalities within the four years in high school.

Mwangi at the same time warned that beneficiaries who fail to maintain grade B throughout their learning will have the support discontinued.

“When you achieve grade A, the following day you will be working with the Equity bank,” he said, adding that the foundation produced 203 As out of the total of 500 countrywide.

Busia Deputy County Commissioner Kipchumba Rutto thanked the foundation for the initiative urging the beneficiaries to make good use of the opportunity.

Busia DCC Kipchumba Rutto handing over a letter to one of the beneficiaries

Nambale DCC Caroline Onchoka said that a total of 2235 applied for consideration from the program in the County but only 538 scholars were picked

According to Equity Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. James Mwangi, out of 114,000 applications that had been received by Equity Group Foundation, 10,705 had been awarded scholarships Countrywide.

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