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Construction of CBC classrooms kicks off

The construction of phase one of the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) classrooms that are set for completion on April 1st, 2022 to accommodate the first cohort has kicked off in Nandi Hills Sub County. 

Nandi Hills Sub county, CBC infrastructure development committee proposed construction of one classroom for each of the 18 secondary schools out of a total of 30 secondary schools within the region.

Nandi East CBC implementation committee led by the Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Leornard Mgute has completed the ground breaking exercise and officially handed over the sites to respective contractors who won the tenders.

Speaking during the ground-breaking exercise carried out in various sites, the DCC said the government was committed to ensure that CBC learners succeed by tackling all the obstacles that might hinder the process.

Mgute urged all chiefs and assistant chiefs who will be supervising the construction projects to closely work with the relevant school administration as well as the contractors to ensure the classrooms are completed within the stipulated period.

“The national government is committed to ensure CBC system of learning succeeds. I want to urge all chiefs and their assistants to work round the clock alongside school administration and contractors to ensure nothing hinders these projects. Your presence will ensure the construction works run smoothly,” Mgute said.

Nandi Hills subcounty Deputy County Commissioner Leornard Mgute(3rd from rihht) and Subcounty Director Education (2nd from right) with Other CBC implementation  committee members and the Contractor pause for a photo near construction blocks at AIC Siwo secondary school during the site ground breaking exercise

He further commended the contractors who had already started mobilizing construction materials urging them to proceed with that spirit to be able to accomplish their construction works on time.

Sub County Education Director Bernard Manyasi urged the contractors to coordinate with the school administrators to hasten the construction process adding that the government has already done its part. Manyasi also warned the contractor against doing shoddy works.

“Now that the government has done its part, the construction works is in your hands. Make sure you work as a team as well as ensure quality structures,” stated  Manyasi.

Among the schools that were selected in the sub county for the phase one CBC classrooms include; Samoie boys, Our Lady of Peace girls, AIC Sochoi, Lelwak, Siret, St. Johns Chepkunyuk, Katpien, Kaputii, Kapkoror, Chebarus, St. Mary’s Soiyet, Taboiyat, Tigityo, AIC Siwo and Barasendu secondary schools.

The government allocated Sh788, 220 for the construction of each classroom to completion.

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