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Companies challenged to ensure safety of workers

A disaster management expert Julius Kaberere has called upon management of factories to ensure maximum safety of employees.

Speaking to KNA on Labour Day, Kaberere observed that safety standards in many factories were not keenly observed thus leading to accidents and even loss of lives.

He said the Ministry of Labour is mandated to inspect manufacturing firms among other factories to ensure safety of workers is provided.

“Its unfortunate workers in firms are exposed to dangers which may lead to accidents and even loss of lives. The Ministry of Labour can be blamed for accidents witnessed in factories,” added Kaberere.

He said accidents witnessed in factories were a clear pointer of relaxed supervision of the firms by inspectors from the Ministry of Labour.

The expert stressed that action should be taken against the investors who are concerned with profits and ignoring to improve the working environment of their workers.

“A month ago, we lost a worker in a Thika-based steel company who slipped into a boiler. Such unfortunate incidents can be avoided if safety measures are put in place and strictly adhered to,” he noted.

“Every company should have a department to take care of safety and workers should also be educated on how to stay safe as they continue with their daily activities in the firm,” said Kaberere.

A week ago, a mason who was working in a Murang’a school died after a wall collapsed on him, an indicator that safety of workers in construction sites is ignored.

“As we mark Labour Day, let the concerned government agencies enforce safety of employees in all firms. It’s very painful to lose the lives of Kenyans who have gone out to get daily bread for their families,” he added.

Disaster Management Expert, Julius Kaberere speaking in a past event

Meanwhile, Kaberere called for an increase in the remuneration of workers, especially those earning minimum wages saying the cost of living has gone up and many families were struggling to put food on table.

“Workers remuneration needs to be adjusted upwards so as to enable them to meet their daily expenses. Currently, the cost of living has gone up as we also reflect that many workers were adversely affected by impacts of covid-19,” he further said.

During national Labour Day celebrations, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a 12 percent increment of workers’ salaries.



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