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Coastal counties residents collect their Huduma Namba cards

KNA   More than 400,000 Huduma Namba cards had been collected across the six Coastal counties by the start of this week.



Chief Registrar of Persons in charge of the region Aggrey Maasai said there is a positive progress in the collection of the essential cards issued by the national government.


He said his officers and the national government administrative officers are working closely for smooth distribution of 560,210 Huduma Namba cards, so far delivered by the Huduma Kenya secretariat, for issuance in the coastal region.


“We are happy to report that 461,001 Huduma Namba cards out of the 560,210 so far delivered from the secretariat have been collected by owners from various collection points in the region and that translates to more than 83 percent,” added Mr Maasai.


 The Coast Regional Chief Registrar of persons said Kwale County led others in the collection exercise, with 99,713 out of 106,801 Huduma Namba cards issued out to owners translating to 92 percent.


Kilifi County followed in second place with 204,760 cards collected out of 237,978 received from the Huduma Kenya secretariat in Nairobi.


In Lamu County, 19,209 cards have been collected at the local Huduma center and the registration of persons’ offices out of the 27,323 cards so far released by the secretariat for collection exercise in the county.


At least 31,350 out of 37,133 and 64,513 out of 85,267 Huduma cards received in Tana River and Taita Taveta counties respectively have been collected.


 “Other counties have done very well and we have issued 84 percent of Huduma Namba cards we received in Tana River and 76 percent of the cards in Taita Taveta County have been collected,” added Mr Maasai.


He said in Mombasa County only 41,297 out of 65,604 received Huduma cards have been issued out at a collection point set up outside the General Postal office based Huduma center.


The Coast Regional Chief Registrar of Persons said communication challenges among elderly people have hampered the delivery of the essential cards across the region.


“We had challenges in issuing Huduma Namba cards. We usually send messages to the elderly people, some of whom seem to be unable to comprehend these messages. Maybe it could be due to a problem of eyesight. As the department, we have gone ahead to make phone calls to inform them to collect their cards,” he said.


He added, “We are also faced with challenges of sending messages to some youths, who seem to have changed mobile phone numbers they had used for the registration of Huduma cards,”.


He said the department has involved village elders, Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs to help field officers trace the location of the elderly people and the youths who are not unavailable on phone.



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