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Character formation for slum children

KNA A Nakuru NGO has established a character formation and skills support Centre at the Kwa Rhonda informal settlement estate to train the children on social skills such as football and drama so as to keep them busy and give them hope for a brighter future.


The leader of Integrated Development Towards Guided Parenthood (IDGP) Agnes Mwamburi said there was an urgent need for establishing character formation centers across all the informal settlement areas in the country to rescue children from criminal activities and religious cults.


 Speaking during an interview with KNA at the center Monday, Mwamburi said it was wrong for society to just sit and watch young children being recruited by criminal gangsters, simply because they lack proper parenting and food at home.



She said the notorious ‘Conform gangster group’ that has caused fear in Nakuru town, mainly consists of young boys between the ages of seven and twelve years and their leaders are not more than twenty-five years.



“By all means these are very young children who require assistance and character formation to stop them from growing into hardcore criminals,’’ said Mwamburi.



However, the NGO leader noted with concern that arresting such children and putting them in juvenile centers’ that seem to have a few personnel with no counselling skills might not assist them.



Mwamburi appealed to the police to refer such disoriented children to her center and she will reform them and transform them into valuable members of society, who can represent the country at international game competitions, or better still, mold them to become the leaders of tomorrow.



In addition, she said the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic has had catastrophic consequences on families that the county governments have not yet addressed, with the real sufferers being the voiceless children.



Mwamburi urged the government to appreciate that Nakuru County has numerous cultic churches that in most cases misuse children and even deny them vaccinations as babies and hospitalization whenever they fall sick.



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