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Cases of cancer still high, Meru Health Executive says

Meru County Health Executive Dr Meshack Mutuma has confirmed that cancer is still a menace in the county despite the interventions put across to fight it.

Addressing journalists, Mutuma said that Meru was still the second in terms of cancer cases in the country with breast, cervical, prostate, stomach, and throat cancer being the leading killers in the region.

He however said that the cancer centre that has been set up at Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital has been of great benefit in the fight against the disease that has claimed hundreds of people from the county.

“We started a cancer centre at the facility and at the moment we have two oncologists who are handling cases like chemotherapy and other diagnoses,” said Mutuma.

He added that the county government has also acquired a histopathology machine to test cancer, saving the residents’ journeys to Nairobi to seek the service.

“There was a great problem when our people had to travel to Nairobi to get tested and the results could take a long time meaning cancer may even have developed to a dangerous stage,” said Mutuma.

He said in 2021 alone, the centre handled 4,508 patients from the county as well as the neighbouring one.

“We are also coming up with a cancer institute which will work for hand in hand with the University of Manchester and Kenyatta University referral hospital to conduct research, especially from the most affected areas, in order to get the root causee of cancer in these areas,” he said.

Meru County Health Executive Member Dr Meshack Mutuma addressing the press at a past event

Mutuma added that the leading cause of the death from cancer could also be attributed to residents being reluctant to get cancer screening services, which would help in detecting the disease at its earlier stages when it can be handled.

“We have realised that late diagnosis is also a major problem and this is why we rolled out screening services all over the county,” he said.



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