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Blame the ground, not the government- Kibicho

The Kenya Kwanza leadership should accept the ground has changed and stop blaming the government for the paradigm shift, Interior PS Karanja Kibiciho has said.

Kibicho said the UDA wing of the political divide had capitalised on the gullibility of Kenyans since 2018, but the voters have since realised they had been taken for a ride.

Speaking during the 50 years since Gathaka primary school in Kirinyaga West Sub-county was established, the PS wondered where Chiefs were coming in, in the impending general elections to influence the voting pattern.

“Since 2018 the UDA brigade has been traversing the entire country peddling lies and making all sorts of false pre-election promises only for Kenyans to realise they were being taken for a ride hence the sudden change of the tune,” he said.

The PS  defended Chiefs from the attacks by the UDA brigade especially in their roles in distributing famine relief foods to affected families.

Said Kibiciho: “Chiefs have since time immemorial been used in the distribution of famine relief food by consecutive governments and if the UDA were to win the elections, it will still use them since they are the ones who know their people.”

He at the same time vowed to continue educating the locals on the need to elect leaders who were honourable, incorruptible, and noble and those who have what it takes to hold elective public offices.

Kibicho who is an alumni of the school said the County should be led by men and women of high integrity while those with questionable credentials should never be given the slightest opportunity.

“This great country is not short of capable leaders and I will strive to ensure our people get the best of such leadership come August general elections through massive voter civic education which has since been rolled out ,” he said.

And in the same vein the local Anglican Diocesan Bishop Joseph Kibucwa has expressed the same sentiments cautioning voters of the danger in getting enticed with money to vote for unworthy leadership.

Interior PS Karanja Kibiciho prepares to cut a cake in commemoration of 50 years since Gathaka primary school in Kirinyaga West Sub-county was established

The Cleric has on various occasions also warned of the danger in voting for a six piece party pattern as it ended up bringing in undeserving leadership.

“As a church we are against the six piece voting pattern since the party euphoria ended up having mediocre leadership being imposed on our people and as such only credible leaders deserve being elected regardless of their political parties,” he said.


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