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Assist me with a wheelchair, physically challenged man appeals


It is 9 am and despite his condition, Nicholas Kibet who is physically challenged is already up attending to the needs of his clients in his welding yard. Kibet, 29, informs us that disability is not inability and thus being unable to move around freely doesn’t render the skills he possesses useless.

“I am a youth who is struggling to make ends meet, I have the skills to work as a welder so I don’t think being in this condition will make me not  perform my job,” affirms  Kibet. 

Kibet who hails from Sigor, Chepalungu in Bomet County has surprised many with his resilience and working skills despite being physically challenged.   He said five years ago he was employed in a welding workshop, where he trained and gained skills relevant in the field before opening his own yard.

His workshop is located in Sigor town, around 35 kilometers from Bomet town. He says the business was doing well adding: “Five years ago I was employed in a yard where I gained skills that have enabled me to become a perfect welder here. I have been offering welding services to clients from around Sigor.”

However, Kibet stated that he still faced financial challenges and thus could not employ more staff to assist him in his place of work.

“Since I do not have anyone to help me lift heavy metals, I suffer a lot. Regrettably I cannot hire a worker to assist me as doing so means additional expenses which I cannot afford at the moment,” he explained.

Nicholas Kibet repairing a motorcycle at his workshop in Sigor town, Chepalungu Sub county

Repairing the broken parts of cars, motorcycles and any metalwork are some of the tasks that Kibet has been doing mostly in his workshop. ‘’ I have mostly been fixing motorcycles and repairing broken households and doors brought in by my customers,” added the welder.

Saying he faced a daunting task moving around his business yard due to lack of a wheelchair, Kibet asked well-wishers to provide him with the device to ease movement.  “I am also requesting the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) and any other well-wisher to intervene and support me financially or in kind to enhance my small business,” appealed Kibet.

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