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Aspiring governors in Nyamira grappling with deadlines to choose deputies


Majority of Nyamira County aspiring governors are eyeing West Mugirango constituency as their preferred place of picking their running mates presumably because of its highest number of registered voters.


The incumbent Governor Amos Nyaribo of the UPA party has maintained his Deputy Governor Dr. James Gesami, former West Mugirango Member of Parliament (MP).


Joseph Kiangoi of ANC party, who served as North Mugirango legislator and assistant minister between the years 1997 to 2002 has partnered with Julius Mokogi to be his running mate. Mokogi has held senior managerial positions in top financial institutions in Kenya like KCB, Co-operative and K-REP banks. He was initially vying to be governor before he dropped his ambition to join hands with Kiangoi. 

Joseph Kiangoi (right) greets Mr. Julius Mokogi (left) when he announced him as his running mate for the Nyamira gubernatorial seat early this month

Another one in the Nyamira’s gubernatorial race is Dr. Mwancha Ikioma, former chair in the board of trustees in the Commodities Fund in Kenya who has chosen Dr. Charles Nyandusi from west Mugirango as his running mate.


Walter Nyambati of the UDA party had also chosen Dr. Erneo Nyakiba, former National Kanu treasurer, and a healthcare practitioner, specializing as an Obstetrician and Gynecology. 

The four, Dr. Gesami, Mr. Mokogi, Dr. Nyandusi, and Dr. Nyakiba all from West Mugirango have complicated the matrix further because they all come from the same ward; Bogichora, which has a total of 19,000 voters and the highest in the constituency. 

Others; Prof. Reuben Marwanga of the KANU party and James Kemoni of PNU party both from Bogichora ward, Borabu MP Ben Momanyi of the WIPER party, Timothy Bosire of ODM party, Dr. Gideon Moseti from Kitutu Masaba are equally eyeing the Governor’s seat but are yet to reveal their running mates. 

 This ward which has a history of voting unanimously as a block for a preferred candidate will now have an uphill task to choose between the five candidates eyeing the top County seat.




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