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Alcohol crackdown in Nyahururu town

A multi- agency security team led by the Nyahururu Deputy County Commissioner, Moses Muroki Munyori conducted a raid in Nyahururu town where some of the business stalls neighbouring the main matatu terminus have been used for illegal sale of alcohol.

A number of stalls at the terminus were destroyed and the doors carried away as a measure of curbing this illegal business.

Speaking to the press team after the exercise, the DCC said these activities will continue as some of the small business people in the town have been taking advantage and using their business permit to sell cheap liquor illegally.

“It is sad that people take business licences and permits for legal businesses but come to the ground and conduct different illegal businesses. This has to stop. We are going to work closely with the enforcement team to ensure that this comes to an end through raiding and arrests,” said Muroki.

The DCC said this alcohol would have been sold to the students as they head home for their mid-term since some of the sellers do not care about the safety of the children.

“The sellers’ greed for money would have made our students access the alcohol as they head home for their short holidays today. Action had to be taken before students got to town to prevent them from accessing such shops and being involved in the illegal business,” the DCC said.

Laikipia sub-county Administrator Waruru Antony said selling of alcohol in the matatu stage is illegal and no one was allowed to conduct that business along the area.

He also said that they had found people drinking alcohol that early morning in more than four shops that were already in operation.

“Today’s activity was about bringing down all the structures belonging to the people selling alcohol along the matatu bus park. Selling alcohol along this area is illegal and therefore no one has a license to conduct that kind of business. We have found more than four shops open with people drinking in this early morning and we have stopped the operation,” said Waruru.

He added that the operation was a multi-agency operation that had been organised by different law enforcement agencies which included the Deputy County Commissioner’s office, Police personnel, Ministry of interior and county enforcement team.

Four people were arrested during the operation while others escaped narrowly. The DCC said further action will be taken to the four to serve as an example to the rest conducting such a business.

Laikipia County Askaris break down a door of one of the stalls used to sell alcohol illegally in Nyahururu town
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