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Agony for a woman who turned blind after friend splashed acid on her face

KNA    October 21, last year will forever remain vivid to Alice Njeri, a 32 years old woman from Ngoliba area, Thika East Sub county after a party she had attended turned tragic, causing misery to her forever.


 The vibrant mother of two, regarded as hardworking by friends and neighbours now relies on help from close relatives to survive, after a woman friend splashed acid in her face, leaving her blind and scalded.


She had been invited to a baby-shower by the friend in the same area when the tragedy happened.


“My friend and her husband insisted that I should attend the party and since we were friends, I found no harm. There were several people at the party. Then within no time, my friend came to where I was seated with a cup of acid and splashed it on my face accusing me of having an affair with her husband,” she said.


She was helped by the party attendees to hospital where it was confirmed that the damages were severe and the acid burnt her eye lenses leading to secondary blindness.


The news took a toll on her life, living in denial that she would never see again to the point of contemplating harming herself.


 “The doctors later informed that the blindness is secondary and that I needed surgery to rectify, and that I stood a chance to recover my sight. That is when I slowly began recovering from the agony,” she said.


She is no longer able to fend for her two children, a seven-year old and four-year old and has since left them with her mother -in-law.

The disability has forced her to leave her marriage for some time to live with her aunt who has been taking care of her.


 “She was very independent one moment, and the next moment we have to make sure we are around to make sure she’s not knocking into anything or she’s not going to get hurt,” said her aunt Nancy Wangari.


Wangari says she had to sell all her livestock last year to help her seek medical treatment.


“When doctors advised that she can see again, we started consolidating funds to help her seek medication. However, we have hit a dead end,” she says.


She needs Sh1.3 million to seek further treatment in India but the financial challenges are holding her back.


She has called on well-wishers to help her seek medication, hoping that one day she will be able to see again and provide for her children.


Her villain has since been arrested and facing charges.



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