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Adult Education linked to reduced poverty levels

KNA    Adults interested in continuing with their education should also be taught entrepreneurial and general life skills to boost family income and shape general behavior of their children.


Lugari Sub-County Adult Education officer Ms. Justina Mmasi noted that parents with children in school and colleges should guide their children while choosing their career paths, based on the modern entrepreneurial skills they learn during their adult education studies.

Mmasi said the current evolution of technology calls for more informed parents so that their children can be well guided while outside the school environment.

She revealed that most of her time with adult students is spent on tutoring the learners on how to spot opportunities within their environment, while demonstrating how their children can benefit from their new acquired skills.

“I keep on studying my adult students while advising them according to their individual needs so that they become good examples to their children,” she said.

The Sub- County Adult Education boss noted that stakeholders should do more to encourage adults who didn’t attain even a primary education level to continue with their education as a solution to many challenges facing our communities.  

Mmasi said society should avoid stigmatizing adults who are yet to learn how to read, write and do some arithmetic since it was the only way to exploit their full potential.

“We should give them full support devoid of segregation since each one of them had different childhood experiences which denied them even basic education,” Mmasi told KNA during an interview in her office.   

She reiterated that poverty that is deeply seated in our current age will be eliminated if more adults embrace continuous education which fits them.

Mmasi also challenged religious institutions, local leaders and other non-state actors to help the government in finding solutions to challenges facing adult education in Lugari.

She likened high standards of living enjoyed by most developed economies to improved levels of literacy among the adults.

Mmasi regretted that adults lacking basic education are finding it difficult on how to guide their children in doing homework and how to engage in responsible social media platforms.

According to Mmasi there were less than 20 employed adult education teachers in Likuyani, Matete and Lugari within Kakamega County.

Mmasi suggested that there was a need to employ more teachers so that adults who feel they can continue with their education may have a chance.

She said the new Competence Based Curriculum calls for more knowledgeable parents to enable them to guide their children in areas of specialization.



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