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About 80 teachers working in Vihiga County sensitized on retirement

About 80 teachers working in Vihiga County aged 55 years and above have been sensitized on retirement in a meeting organized by KUPPET.

Speaking in a Vihiga hotel Monday, Assistant Director of pension from Kakamega, Samson Oluyundi told the teachers who are about to retire that they should not fear to retire because in retirement they will have less burdens and they will be rejuvenated.

Oluyundi asked teachers and their employer, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to ensure they avail all the required documents as the teachers get closer to retirement so that their benefits can be worked on within the shortest time possible for them to get their pension on time.

“There is no need for you to fear retirement because your responsibilities will be reduced and you will have enough time to take care of your personal responsibilities without pressure,” said Oluyundi.

Samson Oluyundi, assistant Director of pension addressing teachers

He regretted that most teachers and other retirees end up taking a long time and even others die before receiving their pension just because of improper documentation or missing documents.

Speaking during the same meeting a financial advisor, Dennis Ndogo advised the teachers to manage their finances well and to invest the money they will receive as pension well in order to avoid stresses that can lead to death.

Ndogo advised the teachers who they would like to start any business to start it now instead of waiting for the pension money which they end investing in projects that depreciate within a short period of time.

He advised them to form companies where they can get government tenders that can keep them financially strong and also busy.

He advised them to remain in the government health scheme, NHIF noting they needed good health even in old age yet age comes with increased health challenges.

Daniel Oyangi Lusigi, a retired teacher from Vihiga County said retirement is a blessing as most burdens are lifted from one’s shoulder and one can choose to enjoy retirement without stress.

Oyangi said after retiring in 2017 he is enjoying life since he does not have to worry about the pressure of work and loans.

Vihiga branch KUPPET Executive Secretary, Sabala Inyeni said KUPPET planned the sensitization to enable the soon-to- retire teachers understand the requirements before pension is processed so they make arrangements early to avoid delay at retire, as well as be able to face retirement with boldness.


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