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Abattoir operators threaten to slaughter animals in governor’s office

KNA     There was drama in Baringo governor’s office after irate abattoir operators took their operations to the office in protest of poor hygiene conditions at the Kabarnet Town main slaughterhouse.


The operators trekked five kilometres from their Kiptilit base with goats and cattle threatening to slaughter them at the main gate to the county headquarters.


It took the intervention of police officers to calm down the protestors and deter them from carrying out their threats.


The more than 100 irate protestors were angered by frequent water shortage that had paralyzed their work at Kiptilit slaughter house whose operation massively relied on use of water.


The protestors told journalists that they are sometimes forced to use little water which they fetch from nearby stream in which they carry using meat carriers, a move which posed a health risk of contracting waterborne diseases.


The meat traders noted that the supply through use of county water boozer was very unreliable prompting them to use the meat carriers to fetch water for use at the slaughter house which experiences recurrent water rationing.


Their spokesman Amos Keino claimed that they are generating revenue of more than Sh 200, 000 daily from the slaughter house and their butcheries but they do not understand the reason why the county government is failing to tackle the water problem.


“We pay the county government a tax of Sh 370 per cow which is being slaughtered and Sh 150 for every goat slaughtered, where does the money go instead of being used to sort out the water problem at the slaughterhouse,” said Keino.


Keino also decried poor security at the slaughter house which is in a dilapidated state saying some of the goats meant for slaughter are eaten by scavenging dogs roaming around the area at night.


He lamented the poor state of hygiene at the slaughterhouse occasioned by the recurrent water shortage.


Cecilia Jemutai, a businesswoman, also pointed out that the ageing concrete water storage tank for the slaughterhouse had cracked and needed urgent repairs or replacement noting that the issue had been a long-term problem impacting their businesses negatively.


Governor Stanley Kiptis who later spoke in a separate event within his office grounds noted that his administration had already set aside Sh 900, 000 to repair the dilapidated water tank at the slaughterhouse.


Deputy governor Jacob Chepkwony shifted blame to Kirandich Water Works Supply Company which he blamed for conducting their operations with a lot of laxity.



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