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4K Clubs need adequate support from parents and other stakeholders


Stakeholders in education and parents have been urged to adequately support 4K clubs in schools as a way of imparting skills to the pupils.


Speaking to KNA in his office Monday, Kiambu Township primary school head teacher John Mwania said that these clubs are a good way of developing social skills in pupils, only that they face challenges for lack of adequate support.


According to the head teacher, the overall reception for the initiative is good.


“We have activities like tree and vegetable planting whereby the pupils are engaged in preparation, planting and taking care. However, there were challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic that slowed down the progress,” said Mwania.


The headteacher stated that there are plans to resume the activities, calling upon parents and the government to render their support so as to boost the morale of the pupils.


Another challenge, according to Mwania is that not all parents take it positively as they think it is manual work that their children are being subjected to. This in turn limits the ability to achieve the full potential of the clubs. He asked parents to take it positively as it is meant to help pupils by equipping them with useful life skills.


The 4K clubs also lack adequate farming components like manure, seedlings and tools.

Farming activities by members of the 4K club at Kiambu Township primary school


Mwania further said schools normally purchase seedlings from farmers at the local markets, while pupils come with different farming tools from their homes.


The learners are then directly involved in every step, where they team up to prepare the land and nurseries.


And once everything is complete and the trees are planted, each pupil is allocated a tree to take care to avoid drying.


As for the vegetables, once they are ready they are cooked and fed to the pupils in the school.

The head teacher said if fully supported, the 4K clubs could greatly impact pupils in a positive way.



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