Monday, July 4, 2022
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22 illegal immigrants arrested in Samburu

Police in Maralal have arrested 22 illegal immigrants of Ethiopian origin who were traveling aboard a Toyota Land Cruiser along the Opiroi Maralal road.


Confirming the arrest Samburu Central Police Commanders Sylvester Rotich said that the 12 women and 10 men and a nine month baby boy were bundled in the boot of a green Toyota Land Cruiser registration number KCU 595H.


 “The vehicle was flagged down by police officers along the remote Opiroi road and upon inspection they found occupants without documentation and could not communicate in either English or Kiswahili,” he said.


 Rotich said that the vehicle originated from Moyale along the Kenya Ethiopian border and believed to be headed to Nairobi but investigations are underway.


“The 22 aliens and their Kenyan driver have been booked at Maralal police station and will be arraigned in court for being in the country illegally,” he said.


 Rotich called on residents to report any suspicious vehicle with many unidentified occupants.



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